Sizes and and fit in iCaps

The width of the backwall is determining the fit of a Notebook or aTablett in iCap:

MIN: 34cm, 10 to 13,4 Displays

MID: 40cm, 14 to 16 Displays

MAX: 44cm 17 to 19 Displays

Examples for fiting Notebooks:
Apple MacBook 13,3: 32 cm
Apple MacBook 15,4: 36 cm
Sony Vaio
16: 399 cm
ASUS 15,6: 38 cm
LG 19: 45 cm



Protector for Laptops of 17 to 19 inch. Professional Version. Included: Front Cover for Rain & Dust, 2 HookLoop fastening belts, Bag. Width: 44 cm at least.

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Protector for  Ultrabooks, Netbooks ans Tablets of 17 to 19 inch.

Details about sizes and fitting at the left column

video clips show how to use and all features


An iCap PRO is a complex technical product, assembled by hand out of 36  textile and film pieces and 44 additional, parts, such as hook/loop fasteners, straps, zippers, etc.

  • Specially developed new, opaque, reflective, waterproof up to min 2000mm, scratch-resistant, metallic gray color fabric.
  • Both sides have slits for ventilation and passing through of cables and USB sticks along their lower edges. The slits are completely covered by a flap which can variably close with hook/loop fasteners.
  • 2 permanently attached tension straps to further reduce the front opening, to minimize light entrance in case needed. The tension straps can as well be used for stabilization and adjustment of the iCap.
  • Attached strap loops and hook/loops for fastening iCap by using the 2 provided belts or any other ropes.
  • Robust and fully enclosed wires and connectors.


Included in delivery:

  1. iCap PRO Protector
  2. 2 hook/loop straps for securing iCap at a table or something similar and also for fixating iCap after folding and twisting.
  3. A Bag for storing iCap, the front cover and the hook/loop belts.
  4. Front cover for protection against rain and dust. Its front is made of scratch-resistant, cold-resistant, elastic, fully transparent foil. It can get attached by hook/loop fasteners and allows using the notebook while the cover is attached.

Fold or Twist: 2 Options to store iCap

Regular flat folded

This is the normal folded state. We recommend it because it is the fastest and easiest way to, to store or take away an iCap.

After opening the zipper, the 4 sides of iCap get folded on each other to a flat pile.

They can be tied together with a Velcro strap.
Extra-compressed twisted

Optional, if required, the folding process can be continued: By the twisting iCap, it can be collapsed further and placed into its bag, as it gets delivered.

Twisting is simple but must be done properly, otherwise the wires could get bent. Bended wires are unlikely and in most cases, should this happen, they can easily get bended back to streight.

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